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 April 11, 2017

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Updated - March 3, 2016

I haven't done a lot of flying in the last year. We finished building our house in Waller and have moved out there. It's really nice living out of the city but now it's a 45 minute drive to the airport and after making the drive into town 5 times a week to go to work it's hard to convince myself to do it again on the weekend to go fly. It took me 4 months to do my last annual. Pretty sad huh?

I own a lot on an airpark here in Waller that is less than 10 minutes from my house, but there is a skydiving operation working out there and they have all but destroyed the runway. The big giant Twin Otter can land on it easily but it's borderline for my RV. I'm hoping that by the end of the year we can get them to play nice and help with the upkeep and I'll be able to build a hangar and move my airplane closer to home.

I still haven't painted it yet. Life has been crazy, with all kinds of other stuff in the way. I plan to get that done this year.



 March 3, 2016